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Managed Inventory Programs

Whether your company is an industry giant or a small business seeking an edge, we provide warehouses at multiple ports in the US to facilitate cost effective, managed inventory programs.

Risk Management & Finance

We take all risks involved throughout the supply chain seriously. Experienced personnel and qualified factory management teams are vital assets to our outsourcing programs. Knowledge of factory processes, intricately defined quality control standards, as well as, first hand knowledge of local cultures and regulations help squelch problematic situations before they arise which help reduce risk and maintain consistent product flow. We are a true partner in every sense of the word, for those who qualify we help carry the burden through financial assistance and extended terms when applicable.

Logistics & Transportation

Transportation charges and lack of shipments are major factors in the global economy and they can become costly. We negotiate with some of the largest ship lines in the world to develop highly competitive rates on both sides for land and sea shipments. We are a proud member of C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) which issues guidelines not only to help keep America safe, but also the cargo we ship. We work in close coordination with customs authorities, stevedores, and NVOCC agents to help ensure product safety in a timely manner.

Design and Merchandising

Our team brings years of product development experience to our customers. Whether your need is product design company coded for direct retail implementation or a supplement to current manufacturing needs, we posses the skills and experience to accomplish the task.