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Global Trading, LLC was established in 2005 as a global forest products company for the home furnishings and building industries. We bring our customers value through quality products, timely shipments and low prices. Decades of experience in the forest products industry have helped us build solid relationships with some of the largest and best factories in the world.

We work hard, deal honestly, and keep our integrity with our customers and vendors alike. We understand the challenges in today’s global environment and we meet each one head on. We retain customers because we add value, provide strong customer service and we do what we say. We are the company we want to work with.

What can we do for your company? Whether you are seeking raw materials for retail/distribution or parts ready for production, we fill your needs with quality products at low prices. We provide the benefits of factories across the world while you work directly with a domestic company. In short, quality, low prices, timely shipments without the large risks that come with direct outsourcing. Our decades of supply chain experience, along with attention to detail help us manage all risks so you don’t have to.

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